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Data alone is rarely – if ever – enough.
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Benefit From the World of Data

Find out how data can help organisations boost sales and drive growth.

The Future Chief Data Officer

Read the Raconteur report on how the role of the CDO is due to undergo major transformation.

Unlock the Power of Your Data

How to empower your teams to make smarter, data-driven business decisions.

Retailers Benefit From the World of Data

In Retail, data can help increase customer loyalty. Find out how.

Recommendation Engines

Find out how recommendation engines can deliver more personalised and targeted marketing.

Financial Sector Benefits From the World of Data

Find out how data has the power to increase customer value in the Financial Sector.

POLYMATICA AND ANALYTICSHUB PARTNER UP TO DEVELOP PRODUCTS FOR ENERGY INDUSTRY AND UTILITIES COMPANIES Polymatica has partnered with AnalyticsHub, a leading machine learning and AI developer in the Energy Industry.
POLYMATICA UNVEILS THE DARK SIDE OF ANALYTICS AT TADVISER SUMMIT 2019 The speakers from Polymatica attended TAdviser SummIT 2019  the most prominent IT event in Russia featuring the top IT domestic vendors and users from the government, banking, and retail sectors.
The High Street Crisis Continues. Could Data Bring the Online In-Store? Data has the ability to bring customers back to the high street, bringing online, in-store. Read why.
Financial Firms are Better Placed than any Other to Benefit from the Data Economy Despite a slow start, the financial sector is poised to benefit from data – after a helping hand from an unlikely source.
The rare skill that makes for data science brilliance Humanistic Data Science: why all budding data scientists should be practising “the art of looking sideways”.
POLYMATICA NAMED FASTEST GROWING DATA ANALYTICS COMPANY IN RUSSIA In a report focused on the transformation of the data analytics market for Russia, CNews called out Polymatica for its phenomenal growth between 2016 and 2017.
Polymatica Take Part in 2-Day Data Hackathon Hosted by ArrowXL Read about a recent Data Hackathon that we took part in hosted by ArrowXL, the leading home delivery specialist in the UK.
THE TOP 3 BENEFITS OF HR ANALYTICS AND HOW TO GET STARTED Getting started in HR Analytics can sometimes feel daunting – here are some tips and tricks to help, including how to boost employee engagement.
HAVE WE BEEN DEALING WITH OUR DATA SKILLS SHORTAGE ALL WRONG? A recent review of the list of top graduate employers in Australia reveals an interesting story – one that points to a fundamental change in what employers are now looking for in graduates.
PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS IN THE INSURANCE INDUSTRY – HOW FAR ARE WE FROM ITS ULTIMATE POTENTIAL? The insurance industry is no stranger to predictive analytics.



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