Follow Your Data

Follow your data

If you think it's only data scientists that make decisions using data, then think again. With our handy videos and resources, you'll get the skills you need to be truly data-driven. You just need to follow your data.

Watch these six short videos for everything you need to get started with data segmentation and more.

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Where Do You Start When Analysing Behavioural Data?

A short introduction to segmentation and what the important factors are in analysing behavioural data.

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Debunking the demographic data myth

Part 2 of our introduction to segmentation and the pitfalls with doing it the demographic way.

If you liked this, then check out our white paper on how organisations can benefit from the world of data

What is a loyalty programme?

What exactly is a loyalty programme, how do you build one and do you really need one? Find out in this short video.

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How do you run a loyalty programme?

How do you actually understand loyalty? And how do you turn that into a loyalty programme? This video will show you how.

How do you embed data in your organisation?

What are some of the tactical things you can do to embed a data-driven approach into your organisation.

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How do you create a foundation of customer language?

What is a customer language, why is it important and how do you go about creating one in your organisation.

Further Tips On Getting More Out Of Your Data

The High Street Crisis Continues. Could Data Bring the Online In-Store?

Data has the ability to bring customers back to the high street, bringing online, in-store. Read why.

Financial Firms are Better Placed than any Other to Benefit from the Data Economy

Despite a slow start, the financial sector is poised to benefit from data – after a helping hand from an unlikely source.

Is this Why Today’s Leading Businesses Often Fail to Understand Customers?

It’s not down to lack of effort. Nor is it down to a lack of expertise. So could it be organisations’ inability to tell the right stories about customers?