Polymatica: Cutting-Edge Technology for Big Data Analytics


Polymatica Analytics

Polymatica’s cutting-edge technology morphs data into stories on demand.


Polymatica Removes Limites

With the Polymatica platform, you can analyse and interrogate vast datasets on the spot, then share findings quickly and easily with the wider business. All thanks to pioneering features and technology that remove the historical limitations of processing speeds, in particular those associated with large data volumes.

How It Works

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Unprecedented Speeds

Polymatica’s proprietary Multispheres™ allow users to access any node of data containing more than 10 billion records in a matter of seconds.

Making Data Science Available To All

The beauty of the Polymatica platform is that it has been designed with true accessibility in mind – making the power of data science available to everyone, regardless of job role or background.

With our platform, everyone can use data to their advantage.

Data Science On Demand

Advanced analytics such as clustering, forecasting, profiling and association rules are all built in to Polymatica as standard. Extracting insight is as simple as moving a mouse.

Intuitive Interface

There’s no need for coding, or even navigating through menus. The platform presents complex data intuitively, and drag and drop functionality makes data manipulation simple.

Easily Add Data

Users need not worry about loading new data sources into Polymatica. The platform connects to any structured data source with an available ODBC connector, with support for full or incremental data updates.

Users can focus on data analysis – without having to worry about loading data into the system.

Instant Visualisation

The platform’s visualisation tools help bring data to life. Users can present directly from Polymatica’s reporting layer – and any changes to underlying models change visualisations in real-time. Visualisations can even be enhanced through d3 charts, ensuring data stories are motivating, engaging and easily interpreted.

Unlimited Scale

Alongside an inbuilt, hybrid GPU and CPU architecture – which dramatically accelerates processing speeds – Polymatica scales across multiple servers as necessary. As datasets grow, so does the platform. Datasets can have an unlimited number of dimensions and an unlimited number of rows – and Polymatica can always analyse everything.