Polymatica: Pioneering Multispheres™ Technology - Hybrid GPU/CPU Architecture



Cutting-edge technology. A pioneering architecture.


Under The Hood

Polymatica’s unique, pioneering architecture makes it the only business intelligence platform capable of removing the historical limits of scale and speed. Combined with the platform’s in-built advanced analytics, the technological capabilities make Polymatica truly unrivalled in the field of data science and business analytics.

Unlimited Speed

Hybrid Architecture

Where traditional BI analytics tools and BI reporting tools rely solely on CPUs for computations, Polymatica compliments its CPU with a GPU – technology developed in collaboration with our partners NVIDIA, the inventors of the GPU.
An advanced algorithm automatically distributes tasks between the CPU and GPU for maximum processing speeds, accelerating analyses by up to 80 times the analyses executed through CPU processing power alone.


Multispheres™ are GPU-accelerated, multidimensional data containers optimised for highly flexible queries, and they’re unique to Polymatica. They allow you to access data nodes containing more than 10 billion records of data in seconds.
As Multispheres™ make intelligent use of GPU processing power for specific computations, analysing data through Polymatica is incredibly fast. Polymatica Multispheres™allow you to interrogate data with an unlimited number of dimensions, and they ensure you don’t experience delays and interruptions when working with data.

Unlimited Scale

Today’s datasets have become too large for traditional business intelligence platforms to manage, forcing us to use data subsets when analysing data. Polymatica is the first business intelligence platform capable of analysing datasets of an unlimited size.

Multi-Server Scaling

Whether on premise or in the cloud, Polymatica’s architecture can expand across multiple servers. Solutions confined to one server will always be limited by server hardware. As Polymatica can expand across multiple servers, it’s never limited by hardware, ensuring it can facilitate the interrogation of datasets of an unlimited size.

Unlimited Data Dimensions

The same functionality that ensures Polymatica can work with datasets of an unlimited size allows datasets to have an unlimited number of dimensions. All analytical processing takes place in Polymatica’s working memory, where only the relevant dimensions are loaded as necessary. Unnecessary dimensions do not sap processing power, keeping analyses quick and nimble.

Multi-User Support

Polymatica is designed to place data and insight into the hands of everyone. In the same way Polymatica scales to work with datasets of an unlimited size, the platform can scale to support an unlimited number of concurrent users.

A single Polymatica server supports between 100-150 active users (i.e. users who are actively manipulating data, as opposed to users simply viewing reports).
Should the need for a greater number of concurrent users arise, additional servers are easily introduced.

User-based access rights and restrictions can be implemented as required.

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