We’re on a constant mission to
help you use and understand your data
in new and accessible ways.



We believe data is an organisation’s most valuable asset. We also believe anyone, in any organisation, should be able to use data to their benefit – regardless of role, job description or formal data training.

These two beliefs are shared by every member of the Polymatica family – including our founder, Roman Raevsky and our CEO, Mark Hinds. When the two met by chance in 2017, Polymatica Europe was born.

We’re on a constant mission to open up advanced analytics to everyone, at speed and with simplicity. In recent years, data volumes have exploded.
We think it’s time insight and access caught up.


We help you unlock the hidden stories in your data, allowing your organisation to make better decisions.

Our Data Science and Visual Analytics platform contains embedded data intelligence that, thanks to a revolutionary GPU and CPU hybrid architecture, works at scale and at speed.

Helping everyone from Business Executives and their teams to trained data professionals, our company offers a comprehensive portfolio of front-end analysis, predictive and visualisation tools, as well as comprehensive training programmes and bespoke consulting services.