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Benefit From the World of Data

Find out how data can help organisations boost sales and drive growth.

The Future Chief Data Officer

Read the Raconteur report on how the role of the CDO is due to undergo major transformation.

Unlock the Power of Your Data

How to empower your teams to make smarter, data-driven business decisions.

Retailers Benefit From the World of Data

In Retail, data can help increase customer loyalty. Find out how.

Recommendation Engines

Find out how recommendation engines can deliver more personalised and targeted marketing.

Financial Sector Benefits From the World of Data

Find out how data has the power to increase customer value in the Financial Sector.

POLYMATICA INTRODUCES AUTO ML FUNCTIONALITY Polymatica has expanded the functionality of its machine learning platform, Polymatica ML, by introducing the capability to use Auto ML.
POLYMATICA LAUNCHES DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEM Polymatica Decision Manager enables the easy creation, deployment, and centralized management of decision-making strategies based on both artificial intelligence models and user expertise.
POLYMATICA ANNOUNCES THE RELEASE OF THE POLYMATICA ML MACHINE LEARNING MODULE Polymatica, the world famous developer of zero-coding analytical systems, has presented the first commercial version of the Polymatica ML module, which enables business users to create machine learning models and control their life cycle.
POLYMATICA HAS RELEASED A DESIGNER FOR SELF-CREATION OF DASHBOARDS A new dashboard designer, like the rest of the vendor’s products, adopts a self-service concept. With its help, a user with any level of analytical skills can create a dashboard in minutes and share with colleagues. Together with the Polymatica Analytics it provides full data driven solution making from KPIs to detailing into the initial data for a detailed study of the situation.
POLYMATICA TAKES PART IN THE DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION EXPO 2020 With the support of Moscow Export Center, we are participating in Data Analytics segment at the largest European online IT exhibition dedicated to digital transformation – Digital Transformation EXPO.
Free access to the Polymatica analytical platform for data-journalists Polymatica, a developer of Big Data analytical platform, offers free access to data-journalists
COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS DATA RUSSIAN FEDERATION Data helps to understand what it going on. We provide COVID-19 dataset with cases and deaths in the regions of Russia. Try it.
ARENADATA AND POLYMATICA BECOME PARTNERS Arenadata and Polymatica signed a cooperation agreement that will combine the Arenadata Enterprise Data Platform (EDP) for data storage and acquisition and the Polymatica analytical platform to launch a joint solution.
We are glad to announce a new release of the analytical platform Polymatica.
POLYMATICA AND ANALYTICSHUB PARTNER UP TO DEVELOP PRODUCTS FOR ENERGY INDUSTRY AND UTILITIES COMPANIES Polymatica has partnered with AnalyticsHub, a leading machine learning and AI developer in the Energy Industry.



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