POLYMATICA LAUNCHES DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEM - Polymatica: Big Data Analytics and Powerful Data Science


December 2022

Polymatica Decision Manager enables the easy creation, deployment, and centralized management of decision-making strategies based on both artificial intelligence models and user expertise. The system follows a low-code approach, and its modern architecture and horizontal scalability capabilities allow it to handle large volumes of data, including real-time processing.

Polymatica Decision Manager is part of the Polymatica ecosystem, which includes software for creating interactive dashboards and reports, tools for multidimensional analysis of large datasets, and a platform for creating and managing machine learning models. Polymatica provides its customers with tools to address tasks at all stages of data analysis, with Polymatica Decision Manager handling the final stages of analytics. The system functions as a functional equivalent to solutions such as SAS Real-Time Decision Manager, FICO Scoring, Experian PowerCurve, etc.

“Many industries and businesses are currently implementing Decision Support System (DSS). These systems serve a variety of purposes, such as credit scoring in finance, digital advising for industrial enterprises, and risk-oriented systems in the government sector. The usage of our new product, Polymatica Decision Manager, will significantly simplify the implementation process and expand the scope of intelligent decision support systems, all while providing centralized and transparent management of decision-making strategies. A distinctive feature of the product is the ability to easily incorporate artificial intelligence algorithms into decision chains through close interaction with Polymatica ML. Like our other products, the system boasts modern architecture, extensive integration and scalability capabilities, and an intuitively understandable interface. In its development, we opted for a low-code platform format, catering to both business users who have access to a constructor made up of pre-made components, and IT specialists who can extend the standard functionality by adding custom code,” comments Mikhail Alexandrov, Chief Designer of Polymatica ML.

At the core of Polymatica Decision Manager lies a graphical constructor that enables users to manage decision chains at various stages of their lifecycle: creation, testing, deployment, and monitoring. Expert rules, machine learning models, as well as requests to internal and external services and data sources can be used to create strategies.

Pre-configured decision chains are rapidly integrated into separate containers, accessible for application in various modes. Before implementing strategies in a live setting, the inclusion of testing mechanisms serves as a crucial measure to guarantee their accuracy and reduce the chance of making any incorrect decisions. If a company is already utilizing the Polymatica BI platform, users also gain the capability to generate reports and monitor the performance indicators of the strategies.

“The rapidly changing conditions we find ourselves in also impact analytical processes. Today, real-time decisions that account for the client’s current circumstances are several times more effective than decisions made with delays. This is why we see the greatest demand for our solution from clients in the financial, retail, and industrial sectors—precisely in these areas, there is the strongest correlation between the speed of making quality decisions and economic indicators. We are currently working on several pilot projects and are also ready to assist companies in migrating who have previously used foreign decision support systems,” adds Mikhail Alexandrov.