Everything You Need to Know on Data Segmentation and More



If you think it's only data scientists that make decisions using data, then think again. With our handy videos and resources, you'll get the skills you need to be truly data-driven.

Application Demos

Creating Multisphere

Turn any data source into a Polymatica MultiSphere, giving you a fluid, flexible, powerful data container, enabling real-time data discovery and insights, on massive amounts of data.


One of Polymatica’s embedded Data Science tools, Clustering helps you discover data segments at the press of a button, without writing any code.


Predict future levels based on previous performance. With just one click, forecast any values for any future period.

Data Discovery

Walkthrough of some of Polymatica’s data discovery features… use search and filters to focus on exactly the data you are looking for. Rich visualisations bring your data to life!


Polymatica offers many different ways to visualise your data, with the tool automatically guiding you through how to structure your data for each chart type. All the charts update in real-time as you work with your data and you can zoom, format, change colours and even turn different data series on and off, all in real-time!

"Follow Your Data" Instructional Videos

Video contains free white paper!

Where Do You Start When Analysing Behavioural Data?

A short introduction to segmentation and what the important factors are in analysing behavioural data.

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Debunking the demographic data myth

Part 2 of our introduction to segmentation and the pitfalls with doing it the demographic way.

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What is a loyalty programme?

What exactly is a loyalty programme, how do you build one and do you really need one? Find out in this short video.

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How do you run a loyalty programme?

How do you actually understand loyalty? And how do you turn that into a loyalty programme? This video will show you how.

How do you embed data in your organisation?

What are some of the tactical things you can do to embed a data-driven approach into your organisation.

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How do you create a foundation of customer language?

What is a customer language, why is it important and how do you go about creating one in your organisation.