POLYMATICA INTRODUCES AUTO ML FUNCTIONALITY - Polymatica: Big Data Analytics and Powerful Data Science


June 2023

The company Polymatica has expanded the functionality of its machine learning platform, Polymatica ML, by introducing the capability to use Auto ML. This feature has an automated mode that enables the creation of machine learning algorithms with different settings and parameters. It then selects the best algorithm based on a predefined quality metric. With this feature, users without programming skills could easily create machine-learning models and apply them to solve their practical tasks.

Auto ML finds numerous applications across various industries, including healthcare, finance, and retail. For instance, in the healthcare industry, it can be employed to predict treatment outcomes for patients or diagnose diseases. In finance, it aids in the detection of fraudulent transactions or the prediction of market trends. In retail, Auto ML can enhance customer service through personalization or improve supply chain management for optimal efficiency.

“As the data-driven approach becomes increasingly crucial in decision-making processes, the demand for tools like Auto ML is expected to grow. With the ability to create machine learning models without programming skills, more individuals can utilize data analysis capabilities in their work. This democratization of Data Science will lead to enhanced understanding and improved decision-making across diverse industries,” says Natalia Yashenkova, CMO at Polymatica.