ARENADATA AND POLYMATICA BECOME PARTNERS - Polymatica: Big Data Analytics and Powerful Data Science


APRIL 2020

Arenadata and Polymatica signed a cooperation agreement that will combine the Arenadata Enterprise Data Platform (EDP) for data storage and acquisition and the Polymatica analytical platform to launch a joint solution.

The interaction of the two technologies will help the customer to get a convenient analytical tool to minimize the time between setting the task and obtaining results due to fast visualization of the necessary data sets. Reduced time for solving analytical problems will contribute to the transition to decision-making based on data – a data-driven process and, as a result, a stable increase in business efficiency.

“Combining the strengths of Arenadata EDP and Polymatica, we offer our customers a comprehensive approach that minimizes the company costs associated with the transformation of their existing and accumulated data into information for decision making. The path from heterogeneous data storage to interactive analytics or on-demand reports has never been so short,” commented Sergey Kulikovsky, CEO at Polymatica.

“Arenadata has gained a new technology partner that has extensive experience in customer analytics and has implemented numerous successful projects in this area. It will significantly expand the use of our platform for collecting and storing data,” said Anton Martynov, Arenadata Partner Relations Director.