ROSNEFT - Polymatica: Big Data Analytics and Powerful Data Science



How we helped the world’s largest publicly traded energy
company save time, improve customer loyalty and make
better business decisions.


Operating under the brands of Rosneft, Bashneft and BP, Rosneft is the world’s largest publicly traded energy company. The company’s loyalty card programme records the data of upwards of 20 million transactions every month.

With the right treatment, Rosneft knew their loyalty card data could increase customer loyalty and drive business growth. And yet, before Polymatica, Rosneft we’re struggling to unlock the potential of their data.

“A tool was needed to quickly analyse the loyalty programme in any sections on a large data set.” – Ekaterina Kochevalina, Director of Analytics, Rosneft.



Before implementing Polymatica, Rosneft reports could take up to 15 days to compile. Rosneft’s analytical team had to request data downloads from the IT team to begin with, then crunch the data through Excel when searching for insight.


Rosneft’s loyalty programme holds data for some 300 million historical transactions – and records upwards of 20 million new transactions every month. Rosneft needed a solution that would allow them to work with all their data to improve the accuracy of analyses.


Rosneft wanted to use their data to guide their trading strategy. They wanted to be able to cross-sell, up-sell, improve loyalty and, ultimately, drive business growth. They needed a platform to help them run advanced analytics.


Our platform’s ability to work with unlimited data volumes at unprecedented speeds meant we could help resolve two key Rosneft requirements immediately. Working with an additional 20 million transactions a month was never going to be a problem. And our in-built advanced analytical modules were designed to help guide trading strategies.
Polymatica was just what Rosneft needed – so Rosneft introduced it to their infrastructure.



Before Polymatica, multiple people across multiple Rosneft departments were involved in reporting and analyses. Members of the IT team selected and downloaded data before Business Analysts cleaned, prepared and manipulated data. Now, business analysts have direct access to data and can run analyses without involving IT –

“Before Polymatica, each time, in order to get a report, it was necessary to brief the task into the IT team. Now the end users work independently with the data.”
Ekaterina Kochevalina, Director of Analytics, Rosneft


Reports previously took up to 15 days to produce. Now, real-time reporting takes place in minutes. Instead of wrestling with Excel, the Analysis department now have access to advanced analytical modules – such as clustering and forecasting – on demand.


As the platform facilitates the analysis of an unlimited volume of transactional data, Rosneft are no longer forced to make decisions based on small subsets of data. The result is better business decisions that are improving customer loyalty and fuelling Rosneft’s future.

“The ability to work with detailed analytics on the entire dataset allows you to make the right management decisions.”
Ekaterina Kochevalina, Director of Analytics, Rosneft